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Historic Preservation and Tourism Committee

Lansford Alive! works closely with the Lansford Historical Society. We market the traditional commercial district's historical assets to customers, potential investors, new businesses, local citizens and visitors.


Historic Preservation & Tourism Committee Members: Karen Burrell, Bill Harleman, Dale Freudenburger, Chris Ondrus, Steve Brunda, Mark Svercheck


Old Jail/Lockup: Sub-Committee Members: Dale Freudenburger & Bill Harleman


Current Projects

The Old Jail sub-committee is currently using grant money to do major renovations to Lansford's original jail. Once completed, this historic 1800s stone building, located on the corner of Patterson and Walnut Streets, will be open for tours!


Past Projects


Historic marker program

Committee members identified important historical sites throughout Lansford and placed permanent markers at each location. The signs explain the importance of each site in relation to the history of Lansford. Current marker locations include the P.O.S. of A. building, the Dorsey Brothers home, and the American Fire Company/Borough Hall building. Coming soon will be a marker at the Old Jail.


Lansford Alive Ethnic Cookbook

In order to preserve the rich ethnic heritage of Lansford, many local recipes were gathered. They were assembled into this popular keepsake cookbook. Books available for purchase at Valley Athletic and the #9 Mine and Museum.


Lansford Historical Throw

We partnered with the Historical Society to create a beautiful keepsake throw featuring famous Lansford landmarks. Unfortunately, this is no longer available.








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