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Design Committee

The design committee helps business and homeowners enhance the physical appearance of the commercial district by providing façade assistance for rehabilitating historic buildings. We also work with the town to provide banners, signs, and park improvements to keep Lansford a welcoming and visually appealing place to live and do business.


Members: Steve Brunda, Bill Harleman, Dale Freudenberger, Mark Svercheck


Past Projects:


Patterson St Beautification Project (trees)

In Phase One of the tree project, street trees were planted along Patterson in the downtown area. Phase Two will involve planting 12 more memorial trees downtown.


Business district signs

Signs were placed on Patterson St (rt. 209) to encourage visitors to visit the business district on Ridge St.


Trash Cans along district

To encourage a neat appearance, trash cans were placed in the business district.


Façade Improvement Examples

Examples of façade restoration and improvement following appropriate guidelines can be seen on the exteriors of the POS of A building and Porvazniks Flowers, both located in the business district on Ridge St.


Coming Soon:

Once the Historic District designation is completed, the design committee will work towards getting matching grants and other design assistance for property owners wishing to rehabilitate their property.














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