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Community Improvement Committee

The Community Improvement Committee works on communication and cooperation among the many groups and individuals who have a role in the revitalization process. Members arrange for activities and events that keep Lansford a nice place to live and do business.


Members: Bob Silver, Renee Slakoper, Lennie Kovatch, Mark Svercheck




Pumpkin Parade

Details and Image coming soon!


Community Clean-ups

We work with other groups in town to arrange for community clean ups each spring.


Egg Hunt

This year, Community Improvement teamed up with the Panther Valley Library and SHCIO to give away 1000 eggs to Lansford children!


Christmas Decorating Contest

We give out prizes every year for the best looking house in Lansford! More details coming soon.


Coming Soon:

Recently, Community Improvement received a grant to place thousands of Christmas lights in Kennedy Park. Look for a brighter, more dazzling Christmas season this year!














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